How To TAKE ADVANTAGE Of Your Free Gift Certificate!


Overview: What Is AI.Marketing Bot (AIMB)?

To make this as plain as I can for you to understand. AIMB is a way for you to earn cash back rewards from customer purchases from over 20,000 online web stores. There are two sides to AIMB. There is the cash back side and the affiliate side which uses INB Network! I am putting this little gift certificate strategy together so members can see how to maximize profits without losing any out of pocket expenses. (PLUS) grow a very massive money network that will help you increase your monthly income. ALL PASSIVE INCOME!


Using The Gift Certificate To Your Advantage..

What I am about to tell you is a complete game changer on your financial portfolio. As far as the history of AIMB and the complete details, you will see that on the "How To Sign Up" link below. This is to show you how you can take advantage of giving away a FREE opportunity and turn it into a massive income stream with the help of your downline network and the AIMB. The concept is sound! You just have to put it in motion.

When you first tell others about AIMB some will see this magnificent opportunity and jump right in like I did. But others, they are not going to believe you. Most marketers, by nature, are skeptics. Which, there is nothing wrong with that. It is just their way of protecting themselves from scammers and crooks. The gift certificate is a way to ease those minds about how this program will work for them before they actually come out of pocket (IF THEY CHOOSE TO).

But before I continue, I want to be completely transparent. The certificate is a company loan that you pay back with a percentage of the commissions you will earn. And your first withdraw will be when you reach $100. Then, after that, you can withdraw after $10. But if you use your own money, you will be able to withdraw after $10 has been earned and credited to your cash back virtual wallet. Either way works to build your team. The Gift Certificate is primarily for skeptics, people who want to see how it works before depositing their ad budget, or those who do not have income to begin their ad budget and the certificate will definitely help speed the process of building you are large network (Building A Massive Network Is The Goal Of Giving This Away!). The more people in your network, the more you will benefit from the team bonuses. And what better way for them to see proof then by watching with their very own eyes. The great benefit of the certificate is that it helps members to get started for free and to see how the whole two sites (AIMB and INB Network) work together . The best part, which I am truly in love with, is that every person you give this certificate to, when they top up you will earn 5% of every top up. If they do $10 you earn 5%. If they do $10,000 you still earn 5%. This adds up quick when you give this opportunity to all you know. This site is a marketers dream come true. Because even if they can't refer not one single person, they can still build to a 5 figure income per month.

Your basic approach to a prospect is very simple. Tell them about the program you are in and how they will earn CASH BACK money from THEIR OWN PURCHASES and THOSE OF OTHER ONLINE CONSUMERS! The very minimum to get started without having to use the certificate is just $10 but it will take a lot of time to compound in order to build a monthly sustainable income. So the more you can start with, the faster you will build your monthly income. Giving this opportunity away to others is a very powerful and fast way to build a lucrative team.

Steps To Take:

  1. Register To INB Network using button below

  2. Follow registration instructions verbatim

  3. Once registered click on Top up and use code for certificate: KX4Z-ZWNB-2AMR-CSWN

  4. Start spreading the word and giving the gift certificate to
    anyone who wants to build a nice monthly income for free.



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